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Executive Board

In ALD, there are incredible leadership prospects and opportunities for upward mobility. Executive Board members hold an integral role in ensuring the success of  the UConn chapter and all of its individual members. Comprised of the following positions, the Executive Board offers ALD members the chance to hold a leadership role in variety of different capacities that may interest them.

Each Executive Board member is expected to fulfill their duties as outlined in their position description in order to ensure efficient, effective chapter functioning. As an Executive Board member you are also expected to attend the weekly Executive Board meetings, attend some ALD events and the annual Induction Ceremony, and have fun while learning how to be a more effective leader!

Executive Board elections are held each spring following the annual Induction Ceremony. Any member, including newly inducted members, can run for any Executive Board position with the exception of the President and Vice President positions, which are elected from within the Executive Board.

E-Board Positions
Duties Officer
    The President shall be the presiding officer, have general supervision over the development of the entire club, and call meetings. The President is responsible for all paperwork submission and interaction with other University organizations and national Alpha Lambda Delta. The President should help create an interest in Alpha Lambda Delta among members and prospective members. They shall maintain good communication between officers, advisors, and members and should be aware of all facets of Alpha Lambda Delta.
John Potter
Vice President
    The Vice President works closely with the President in planning and executing of chapter business. The Vice President is responsible for creating grants and scholarships to be issued by Alpha Lambda Delta. They shall play an integral role in the recruitment of new members and the processing of new member applications. They should be knowledgeable of how the organization operates and take over the President’s responsibilities if the President is unable to do so.
Jessica Estrella
    The Secretary handles all correspondence within and outside Alpha Lambda Delta. They shall keep a record of clear, accurate, and organized notes and reports, including meeting minutes at Executive Board meetings. The Secretary is responsible for tracking attendance at meetings and events and implementing this data through the use of a point system. The point system, where members are rewarded for their attendance at meetings and events, shall be determined by the Executive Board.
Haris Qureshi
Chief Financial Officer
    The CFO handles all financial affairs of the Alpha Lambda Delta UConn chapter. They are responsible for collecting, depositing, and withdrawing funds as well as paying bills, keeping accurate records of all transactions, and monitoring the organization’s budget. They shall also prepare a monthly financial report and keep the organization informed about their financial status. CFO should be proficient in Microsoft Excel.
Audrey Spencer
    The Historian is responsible for the archival of ALD meetings and events, organizing photographs, flyers, and memorabilia, and assisting the Scrapbook and Newsletter Committees in submitting their work to National Alpha Lambda Delta.
Kathleen Flynn
Academic Enrichment Chair
    The Academic Enrichment Chair is responsible for finding and organizing various academic opportunities for Alpha Lambda Delta members. Examples of these opportunities include, but are not limited to, undergraduate research opportunities, career building seminars, lecture series, and skill building workshops.
Quinton Carmichall
Community Outreach Chair
    The Community Outreach Chair is responsible for finding and organizing community service opportunities in the local and/or surrounding areas for Alpha Lambda Delta members to participate in.
Sam Staffin
Major Events Co-Coordinators
    The Major Events Coordinator is responsible for planning annual campus-wide Alpha Lambda Delta events and coordinating with relevant services on and off campus during the process of organizing these events.
Anastasia Kipor
Social Chair
    The Social Chair is responsible for planning social events specifically for Alpha Lambda Delta members to take part in that will further promote being a more active member of ALD and create a better sense of community amongst all members.
Rebecca Shepherd
Communications Chair
    The Communications Chair is responsible for maintaining and updating any of Alpha Lambda Delta’s email and social media accounts including, but not limited to,: ALD Gmail account, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, UConntact, Instagram and our website.
Eliza Zarka
Newsletter Chair
    The Newsletter Chair is responsible for creating a newsletter that will document our chapter’s events and involvements. The newsletter is to be released at the end of each semester and will be available for distribution to Alpha Lambda Delta members. The Newsletter Committee will be overseen by the Newsletter Chair and they will report to the President with updates on the progress of the newsletter.
Edward Pankowski
    The chapter Advisor shall act as a mentor, liaison, and an overall resource to the Executive Board.
Christian Price, David Ouimette